What do you need to know before implementing Electronic Monitoring?

SuperCom will be happy to provide you with advisory and consultancy services that will make the process smoother and much faster, using our knowledge and expertise.
Every project begins with the understanding that EM is the suitable solution.
However, getting to this insight may be a rough journey.
We have the knowledge, tools and evidences that will make it possible.
This stage usually takes the longest time.
We do advise, however, to come to the decision-making functions with a clear understanding of the solution. Doing that will shorten the process and eliminate the need to go back and
forth between vendors and committees.
The size of the project and total number of monitored offenders is not always known from the beginning. In many cases, the cautious approach is being taken and the initial phase is much smaller
than the final one.
Therefore, you must be certain that the system you are about to deploy has real scalability capabilities, and you should in order to avoid surprises, you should ask for price proposals for different quantities, taking into consideration natural expansion of the project.
The main issue in new EM programs is that the needs from the client´s side are not always yet clear and decided, since it is a new arena.
Therefore, you need to make sure you have a professional partner or vendor, who has solid understating and knowledge of the solutions, and can present them to you in a manner that will assist you to decide.
• Does your EM program require only House Arrest via RF?
• Does it require GPS?
• Do you consider complimentary services such as Voice Verification?
These are just a sample of the questions needed to be asked when defining an EM project.

DEMONSTRATION It is crucial that you, as a client, will see an actual demonstration of the system, so you can better understand the behaviors, benefits and perhaps constrains of the EM solution.
We have a pre-defined yet configurable Demo environment that will perfectly answer that need.
Pursuing the procurement people can be a hard job.
However, providing the right explanations and drawing the adequate studied cases, may make it a much easier task.
We can assist in showing why EM is not only the best solution in terms of crime reduction and public safety, but also in budgetary aspects.
Using a budget usually already allocated for incarceration and probation, can decrease to an absolute minimum, the need to allocate additional Capital Expenditure, and make wise use of
Operational Expenditure
There are several plans and options, such as Leasing and offender-pay programs, that we will
be happy to offer.
Winning a tender is not the end of the process. It is just the beginning.
There are many projects that after awarding the winning bidder, he was unable to provide the solution, and a tedious process of re-selecting a vendor then launched.
In order to set expectations, and avoid such scenarios, we strongly recommend you to commence a pilot, either prior or during the tender process.
Clear case scenarios should be written, in order to cover the majority if the real life cases.
A pilot can be commenced on actual offenders, but we recommend adding few people from the Ministry of justice, as there is no replacement for a profound examination by those who will deal with the
system on daily basis.
Allow us to help you during that process. This is our expertise.
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