The General Assembly

The General Assembly is held at the Company´s corporate offices at The Nolton House, 14 Arie Shenkar Street, Herzliya, Israel.
If within half an hour from the time scheduled for a meeting a quorum is not present, the meeting shall be adjourned and shall take place twenty-one (21) days following the date of a notice of a reconvened meeting issued by the Company, at the same time and place, or any time or place as designated in such notice.

Shareholders of record at the closing of business are entitled to notice of and to vote at the meeting.
According to the Company´s Articles of Association, voting at the meeting shall be in person or by proxy, provided, however, that the instrument appointing a proxy must be delivered to the Company not less than twenty-four (24) hours before the time scheduled for such meeting.
Shareholders are required to inform Mme. Paula Caroppoli (AST - American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, 001-718-921-8275 ) in writing, with a copy to the Company, if they wish to exercise their voting right in person or by proxy. Such proxy must be provided to the Company by a specified date advised in advance.
Any shareholder may review the suggested form of the said resolutions at the Company´s offices, at The Nolton House, 14 Arie Shenkar Street, Herzliya, Israel, during regular working hours.