Supply Chain

Whether you are a local business with global suppliers or a global business with local suppliers, your business operates in a fast-paced commercial realm. SuperCom can help with your solutions for tracking goods and inventory, tagging luxury items, reading smart cards on containers or packages, controlling access to sensitive work areas, and detecting suspicious activity near warehouses or storage facilities. Businesses today face all types of security challenges. SuperCom works with you to build better security solutions throughout the entire supply chain.
  • Connect and track people to assets with MASC and Clarity
  • Track and monitor movement of luxury items from the storeroom to the showroom with long-range RFID tags and readers
  • Identify, track, and locate equipment and personnel with Raptor
  • Control access to front office, production halls, clean rooms, or restricted areas with Compass and MASC
  • Monitor parameters such as pressure and temperature of containers, packages, or equipment with long-range RFID
The SuperCom product offerings are robust, flexible and feature-rich PSIM RFID tools that provide security and facility management system professionals with the ability to deploy powerful, fully-customized, and user friendly PSIM RFID applications in a wide range of application environments.