Scanning Services

Combining uniformity and sharing

Mature understanding of the customer and their requirements and efficient organization are the keys to a successful documentation scanning office. A solution for scanning historical and current documents, this is exactly where the SuperCom Scanning Services solution excels.  

During design stages each task and process is mimicked and compartmented into a sterile work environment. This organized compartmentation together with comprehensive work procedures provide tight methods for handling, filtering, scanning and ultimately saving documents into a secured permissions-based shared database.

Using recognized data-mining technologies such as OCR, ICR, OMR and barcodes, and providing friendly retrieval tools, as each document is scanned its attributes are added into the customizable metadata fields. 

Once a document is scanned and saved into digital format it becomes the only active version used throughout an organization. This process side-steps duplicate document issues, promotes shared information and can move the entire organization towards a paperless-office environment. 

 Original documents can be archived.  Full archiving details are then recorded into the system for future retrieval. At the end of the process, following a greener approach, provisions can be made for shredding and recycling obsolete documents.