∑Doc: making today's document tomorrow's retrievable history

Taking a broader and more holistic approach to your organization´s core, the SuperCom ∑Doc documentation suite is a combination of solid technologies and experience.

Hand-in-hand with today´s greener outlook, all ∑Doc modules are designed to answer tomorrow´s documentation needs and lifecycles. From content management, smart workflows with digital signatures to record management on to scanning offices, our solutions are built on experience, knowledge and deep analysis of our customers´ needs.

While managing your documentation, ∑Doc creates an efficient platform for increased employee satisfaction and productivity which in turn leads to offering better services to your customers and real returns on your investment.

As a tightly-secured and strongly permissions-based solution, ∑Doc has full redundancy and information backup and offers full support for historical paper archives.

Understanding that today´s document is tomorrow´s history, the ∑Doc solution builds a framework whereby information is available anywhere at anytime for any authorized person.

∑Doc: the permissions-based anytime anywhere documentation solution