Staff Safety

Solution Overview

The Staff Safety Solution leverages SuperCom´s Real Time Location System to protect and assist healthcare staff members in emergency situations. A staff member wearing a Tag can automatically signal a distress call by pressing a call button on the tag. The distress call is immediately forwarded to SuperCom´s Monitoring Software Application which in turn can trigger a variety of actions. For example a silent alarm can be sent via SMS or email to a predefined address or an audio/visual alarm can be activated at specific locations. The location capabilities of SuperCom´s system enable it to identify which room the call came from. This can be used to indicate to response teams the exact location of the distress call. The system also has the ability to track staff - patient interactions and provide analysis on potential infection risks as well as staff utilization.

Solution Benefits

  • Staff members can trigger silent alarms in the event of an attack or other emergency by pressing the tag call button. 
  • Event locations are immediately forwarded to the Supercom Monitoring System with the exact room location.
  • Automatically log the patients that a staff member has come in contact with to identify potential infection risks.
  • Trigger audio/visual alarms at defined locations upon an emergency call button press.
  • Quickly search for a specific staff member or find the nearest nurse or doctor in the event of an emergency.
  • Analyze workflows to reduce staff walking distance during shifts and improve efficiency.

How It Works

  The Staff Tags can be worn by the staff members in a variety of ways and since they don´t require line of sight with the readers, they can even be placed in a pocket or a pouch. A call button on the tag can be configured to trigger an emergency call and the Tag´s LED indicates if the tag is in an emergency status. Using the Monitoring Software, users can view the location and status of the calls from a PC or mobile device. The software´s BI tools can also be used to analyze various metrics such as staff interactions with patients and walking distances during shifts.

Staff Safety and Workflow Solution Features
  • Instant alerts to email or SMS.
  • IP-68 rated tags.
  • Long lasting tag battery – up to 4 years.
  • Staff utilization reports
  • Room level and chokepoint location
  • Patient interaction reports and analysis

SuperCom Healthcare Solution Set


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