Companion Wander Detection Solution

Solution Overview
The Companion Wander Detection Solution was designed to improve patient safety by utilizing the location and tracking capabilities of SuperCom´s Real Time Location System. With the Cloud Monitoring Software, users can set predefined rules and geo-fences in order to receive automatic alerts if a patient has wandered or is in danger. SuperCom´s wrist tag has a slim watch-like design which is comfortable to wear even while taking a shower or swimming. This allows non-intrusive tracking of patients or residents in order to ensure their safety. 
The Companion reader and Tag set is also available as a stand-alone product that does comes preconfigured and does not require any software.
Solution Benefits
  • Instantly search for any patient across the facility to find wandering patients.
  • Receive real-time alerts when a patient enters a restricted area or leaves the premises in order to protect them from eloping to unwanted areas and to prevent fall risks.
  • Improve patient care by monitoring patient wait times, bottle necks, and patient-staff contact times by generating reports and statistics on patient locations.
  • Trigger audio/visual alarms when patients come close to an unwanted area.
  • Identify patients or staff members that may have come in contact with an infected patient and may be at risk, by generating a dedicated report or viewing a BI dashboard. 

How It Works

Each patient is assigned a tag in the Software´s Admit Screen. The Tags transmit a periodic message which is used by the system to monitor the patient. Using the software, wandering patients can be instantly located on a map and the location status of all patients can be viewed at a glance. In addition, SuperCom Readers can be mounted at predefined exits or chokepoints and instantly alert when a patient is at an unwanted location. The system can trigger an audio/visual alarm and/or automatically send an email or SMS.

Patient Safety Solution Features
  • Indoor and Outdoor tracking capabilities.
  • Instant alerts to email or SMS.
  • Multiple tamper mechanisms.
  • IP-68 rated tags.
  • Long lasting tag battery – up to 4 years.
  • Room level and chokepoint location
  • On board buzzer
  • Easy to install

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