Resident Safety

Solution Overview

SuperCom´s Emergency Response system is a great solution for home care, assisted living, and other long term care facilities. Using the system, residents can be monitored to ensure their safety, providing peace of mind for those who are living alone and for their loved ones. The waterproof wrist tag worn by the resident can be used to trigger an emergency call. The same can be done from the Base Unit which can also function as a two-way communication system with any phone number. The Tag can automatically identify a fall and trigger an emergency call from the Base Unit. The system allows continuous monitoring of the patient or resident even outside the range of the home unit using a dedicated mobile app.

Solution Benefits
  •  Residents can trigger emergency or distress calls by pressing the call button on the Base Station.
  • Automatic detection of falls by the tag and triggering a distress message even if the call button is not pressed.
  • Two way voice communications from the base unit allows checking up on your loved one from a remote location.
  • Program the Base Unit to dial predefined number and/or alert the cloud based monitoring software in an emergency.
  • Track and monitor the tag even when leaving the range of the Base Unit with the smartphone app.
  • Set daily/weekly reminders to take pills or check in with the Base Unit.

How It Works

A wrist tag worn by the resident communicates with the Base Unit which forwards the data to the cloud software. The Tag can trigger an emergency call from the Base Unit to a predefined number. The Base Unit can also be used as a two-way communication device. When paired with the dedicated Mobile App, the resident can be monitored and trigger emergency calls even when not in range of the Base Unit. The resident´s GPS location is sent via the mobile app to the Cloud Monitoring Software.

Staff Safety and Workflow Solution Features

  • Indoor and outdoor coverage (via mobile app).
  • IP-68 rated tags (water and dust resistant)
  • Long lasting Tag battery – up to 4 years.
  • Cloud base software platform for central monitoring 24/7.
  • Multiple communication options: Land-line, Cellular, Wi-Fi.
  • Periodic self-test mechanism to ensure full system functionality.

SuperCom Healthcare Solution Set


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