Domestic Violence Victim Protection

SuperCom offers the ultimate domestic violence victim protection system. This robust system offers the last line of defense for the victim, validating the location of the offender and the distance between the offender and the victim. SuperCom engineers have incorporated the latest advancements in technology to develop a superior public safety solution that is easy to implement.   The domestic violence victim protection system is based on SuperCom´s PureMonitor cloud-based software and includes the PureTrack smartphone device, the PureTag RF bracelet and the PureProtect smartphone app.

Smartphone technology has made dramatic improvements in the way people work, talk and play. SuperCom channels the smartphone´s capabilities into an unparalleled corrections supervision tool.      
  • GPS, cell tower and Wi-Fi location tracking
  • RF tethering via Bluetooth
  • Configurable GPS point frequency
  • Supports GSM, CDMA and Wi-Fi communications
  • Calendar management
  • Persistent offender term notifications and reminders
  • Smartphone voice, text, email, video communications
  • Portable breath-alcohol integration
  • Bio-identification - facial recognition, fingerprint, voice
PureProtect App
To ensure offenders are compliant with their restraining order victims can download a smartphone app that identifies and alerts of proximity violations without breaching the victim´s privacy. Additionally the app identifies offender movement and behavior patterns in order to prevent attacks.    
  • Supports both Android and iOS phones.
  • Can alert on GPS, Cell Tower, and RF proximity
  • Alerts can be set up for predefined distances
  • Shows direction of offender travel
  • Alert can be sent to local authorities if distance is violated.
  • GPS shielding and jamming detection
  • Application provides avoidance plan
  • Communication mechanism for assistance – speech or text (silent assist)
  • Password protected