PureMonitor Offender Electronic Monitoring Software

Great hardware is only half the solution. PureMonitor is SuperCom´s cloud-based software designed to deliver the information you need when and where you need it.  Quickly navigate through the intuitive interface to set schedules, generate reports, review tracking information and run your program efficiently and effectively.  

SuperCom engineers have designed PureMonitor to be the fastest loading software in the industry. Tired of waiting for your screens to load? We get it. Pages load faster to help you get the job done.  

One Platform - Multiple Products
PureMonitor supports GPS Monitoring, RF House Arrest, Alcohol Monitoring, and Biometric Verification products. Manage your complete platform of Electronic Monitoring tools through a single log-in. The PureMonitor platform leverages a consistent look, feel and functionality across the entire application, regardless of the product. Enrollments, Schedules, and Reports, for example, all look and operate the same. Users will instantly recognize the power of PureMonitor´s holistic approach.

PureMonitor contains a powerful suite of reports that allows complete and immediate visibility into your program. Easily generate on-demand reports or schedule delivery of reports to your inbox. SuperCom can easily create and format reports according to your demands.  

Integration and Customization
PureMonitor has a robust interface designed to work with your agency´s software suite.  Eliminate inefficient and time wasting double-data entry and copy and paste routines.  Integration with existing Case Management, Jail Management and Crime Scene Management systems makes your data work for you.  
PureMonitor is easily customizable. Create a unique look that is tailored to optimize your user experience. Custom fields, labels, alert messaging, and branding are easily accomplished in the PureMonitor application.

PureMonitor serves up a fast and feature rich interface in the office and on the road.  PureMonitor has been designed and built from the ground up to support static and mobile monitoring applications. Tablet, Smartphone and MDT access is rich in functionality and high on performance. Your application should work where you do. At SuperCom we understand that.

  • Fast - Designed for Public Safety Performance
  • Smart Routes
  • Integrated Monitoring Center
  • Optimized Mobile Interface
  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics
  • Unparalleled Integration and Customization Ability
  • Browser Agnostic
  • Device Agnostic