Today´s educational campuses rival their counterparts in business and health care in terms of sophistication and security requirements.

SuperCom provides security solutions for sporting events and concerts, credentialing and verifying faculty, staff (and students); tracking equipment from building to building or throughout districts, identifying vehicles, securing buildings and facilities in the event of disaster. Educational facilities must consider more than teaching, and administrators must enforce any number of requirements in place to keep students and assets safe.

SuperCom solutions form the building blocks for greater security in education.

  • Credential department faculty and administration
  • Secure buildings and campuses during emergencies or disasters
  • With Long-Range RFID, monitor temperature or humidity in laboratories or museums; identify, tag, and protect valuable equipment, chemicals, art, books, and papers
  • Control access to parking garages and special parking zones with Long-Range RFID
  • Automatic access control for sporting events, concerts and plays, after-school activities

SuperCom features a unique all-in-one best-practice active RFID technology accompanied with advanced complementary services for campus management.
SuperCom‘s PureRF innovative solution assists in efficiently utilizing ,otherwise wasted time and resources and is the ultimate solution for remote hands-off authentication, validation, identification, location and real-time monitoring of valuable resources, personal and assets.