Anti-Wandering System

The Pure Living line for loved one safety and security has a mission to improve on current Anti-Wandering Systems.
We understand how important it is for your peace of mind and for your loved one to maintain their dignity.
With our new Companion Anti-Wandering System you can now rest easy. If you have a loved one with Alzheimers or Dementia who may be prone to wandering you know the importance of keeping them safe and secure in your home or facility.
The Companion by PureRFid is an ideal compliment to your existing plan of care program.
Easy to install, with step by step instructions you can again be in control of your schedule and your life.
Simply install the Reader above the door and plug it into your outlet.
The subtle wrist tag is worn by the loved one allowing them the freedom to be active in the approved areas.
Once they come within a set proximity of the doorway the local alarm will sound until they move from the area.
You can easily set the distance for the warning allowing you the time needed to secure your loved one before they can exit.