Secure Payment Solutions

Introducing the SuperPay apps, a new audio endorsement technology on the mobile-payments market. Providing an on any phone and anywhere mobile-payments service, SuperPay brings a new level of secured cross-network mobile payment transactions. Designed specifically as a flexible end-to-end mobile payments solution, the SuperPay suite is a secure and effective customizable answer for governments, MNO and banks. Solving major money transfer and payments problems, and considering the unbanked population, SuperPay can be used for depositing, withdrawing and transferring funds and for paying for goods and bills on any mobile phone. While supporting multiple payment methods such as mobile-money, credit / debit cards and bank accounts, SuperPay monetary transactions are processed over a tightly-secured closed / open-loop protective layer employing an array of technologies - such as biometric authentication, IVR, NFC - without additional hardware. A solution for any revenue building business model, SuperPay as a modular products suite, enables optimization of existing mobile payments solutions either as a fully integrated system or standalone product.

SuperPay Solutions
  • SuperWallet app providing secured financial services on any mobile device
  • SuperPOS for secured and audio authenticated Point of Sales payments
  • SafeMoney safeguarding against device and network-based threat
  • SuperGW a fully customized payments processing platform
  • PayGuard for effective one click payments

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