Pure Security - Electronic Monitoring Product Suite


SuperCom´s PureSecurity tracking platform provides real-time monitoring of people for criminal justice agencies. The platform, based on SuperCom´s PureMontior cloud based software, allows for efficient operations while enhancing security. Built on decades of experience implementing RFID solutions and large-scale government projects, the platform allows for easy, gradual and flexible implementation, meeting any agency or private operator challenges.

PureSecurity products meet the most stingent industry standards and when used as a system allow for optimal operations. 
Once the PureMonitor software is installed, clients can select the appropriate hardware for the required level of supervision. This modular approach allows for maximum scalability and flexibility.


  • Overcrowded prisons and detention facilities
  • Lack of penal alternatives
  • Extremely high governmental costs
  • Lack of effective monitoring
  • Various researches and studies show clear positive impact on offenders´ failure and recidivism reduction.