Secured solutions for e-ID and e-Government

EID ∑ID™ Division
SuperCom ∑ID™ (Sigma-ID) Division is a System House and a System Integrator active in the National ID and e-Government industry, for more than 25 years.

Working exclusively with Governments and Public Sectors, SuperCom ∑ID™ is an internationally recognized leader in the design, development, integration and delivery of highly secured National ID and e-Government solutions.

SuperCom ∑ID™ provides complete Turnkey Comprehensive (or partial) Solutions for various National ID/e-ID and e-Government programs, such as: Population Registries, Censuses, e-Government Portals, Electronic/Traditional Passports, Smart Driving/Vehicle Licenses, Biometric Border Control, e-Visa Applications, Voter Registration & Election Management, Internal Revenue and Social Security Projects and more.

In addition, SuperCom ∑ID™ offers a variety of related Services like: Requirements extraction & System design, Project management, Project operation, Training, Operational processes optimization, Assimilation, Project financing (under BOT/PPP scheme), Knowledge transfer, Fee Collection, Maintenance & Support and more.